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Stay Safe! Highway Code changes that drivers of modern vehicles need to know.

Added: 13 December 2018

The Highway Code has recently been updated, showcasing new rules for motorists who use driver aids and the latest in-car technology such as, Park, Lane, and Motorway Assist.



The change to the Highway Code follows a Government consultation that was launched in 2016. This consultation considered new technology driving aid systems, and its implications towards safety whilst on the road.

The new motoring guide outlines guidance for drivers using Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) such as Motorway and Park Assist. These changes effect rules 149, 150, 160, and 239 of the Highway Code, which state the driver must be in control of their vehicle at all times, and if using Park Assist, use it when safe to do so. The guide also advises motorists to not solely rely on ADAS such as Motorway Assist and Lane Departure Warnings as these are only an assistant tool. The Highway Code makes it extremely clear that the legal responsibility of the car remains with the driver at all times when using these advanced driver systems, "they are available to assist but you should not reduce your concentration levels" [].

The new advice aims to make drivers aware that while these fantastic technology systems are assisting you in the ease of everyday driving, it is important to make sure we do not replace our concentration and responsibility with these systems. It has been reported, anyone found not following these new rules could be faced with a hefty fine, penalty points on their licence, and even a licence ban!

Motorway Assist

These changes apply to the Highway Code in England, Scotland and Wales. There is a different Code for Northern Ireland, which can be found here.