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The New SEAT Arona - Safety, Comfort & Assistance

Added: 12 October 2017

Every move you make, the new SEAT Arona has your back. On the open road, or finding your way out of a tight spot, state-of-the-art safety features keep you and those around you protected. Do your thing, your way. You’re taken care of.

      Euro NCAP SEAT


NCAP SAFETY STANDARDS - Maximum safety as standard

In 2016, the independent European New Car Assessment Programme (EuroNCAP) began assessing vehicle safety based on both standard and optional fittings. In order to achieve the maximum of five stars in the standard assessment, the vehicle has to feature autonomous technology that increases the safety of passengers and other road users.

The comprehensive range of safety systems included in even the entry level models of the new SEAT Arona are designed to meet the highest of standards. With its range of intelligent systems including Front Assist and the multi-collision braking system, comprehensive airbag coverage and numerous other safety systems, the new SEAT Arona has been awarded the maximum 5 stars in the EuroNCAP safety rating. 


Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) intelligently adjusts the speed of the new SEAT Arona to the traffic around it. Once the customer has set their desired speed and the distance they want to keep from the vehicles in front, the Arona automatically regulates these factors as traffic conditions allow.
It uses radar to detect the position of vehicles ahead by measuring the time it takes for the signal it sends to be reflected back within a range of 200 m in front of the vehicle. Depending on the distance available, the Arona then increases its speed up to the pre-set limit or reduces it as needed. Customers can intervene at any time by pressing the accelerator to exceed the maximum speed or by braking to deactivate the setting entirely.
ACC works at speeds of between 19 mph and 130 mph and keeps the driver informed of the traffic detection system status on the multi-function display. ACC provides maximum comfort and convenience for customers in start-stop traffic as the Arona itself adapts its speed to the conditions.



BLIND SPOT DETECTION - Bye bye blind spot

The Blind Spot Detection system in the new SEAT Arona helps advise and avoid potential collisions when changing lanes on multi-lane carriageways.
It monitors the areas of 20 m to the rear sides of the vehicle using radar technology to detect objects and their relative speeds to the Arona. The system is active from a speed of 9 mph. If a vehicle is in the blind spot of the Arona, the driver is warned by an LED indicator in the wing mirror.
If the driver indicates a change of lane by setting the turn signal, the warning indicator in the outside mirror starts flashing rapidly when a vehicle is in the blind spot - a clear recommendation to stay in the current lane.
The Blind Spot Detection system takes the strain off of your customer when driving in confusing or difficult conditions on multi-lane carriageways, particularly if other vehicles get into the blind spot next to the Arona. However, the driver must still indicate and look over their shoulder before changing lanes.


REAR TRAFFIC ALERT - Got your back

Rear Traffic Alert supports your customers when reversing out of parking spaces. The radar sensors in the rear bumper monitor the areas to the right and left behind the new SEAT Arona to detect objects crossing its path as early as possible. If it detects an object approaching the vehicle, the system emits an audible warning. If the driver then does not react, the system can intervene by activating the brakes to avoid or minimise the consequences of an accident.
Rear Traffic Alert helps your customers by monitoring areas to the rear sides of the Arona that are often difficult to see, for example when reversing out of a garage or a car park space.


PARK ASSIST - Select a space, sit back and relax

The new SEAT Arona takes all the stress out of parking for your customers with its Park Assist. This system will help make the correct steering movements to make sure that the new SEAT Arona fits in a parking space, safely, comfortably and without any bumps or scratches.

Here’s how the semi-automatic parking system works: The Park Assist system is activated by pressing the dedicated hardkey on the lower dashboard. The customer then uses their indicator to select the side of the road they wish to park on. The new SEAT Arona then starts to scan for suitable spaces at a distance of 0.5 to 1.5 metres from the side of the vehicle as it drives along, around. If a space is found that is at least 1.1 m longer than the vehicle itself, the system highlights it to the driver on the multi-function display. The driver then tells the Arona to go ahead and park in the space by braking and putting the vehicle into reverse gear. As soon as the driver pushes gently down on the accelerator, the electric steering system gets to work and manoeuvres the new SEAT Arona perfectly in the space. If further adjustments are needed, the driver simply has to switch between first and reverse gear – the ultrasound sensors in the system and the reversing camera help them to estimate how much manoeuvring space they need.

Of course, Park Assist can be deactivated at any time, and the driver can continue to park manually. The system works for both kerbside and bay parking, and also includes an automatic parking bay exit feature.

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