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Insurance Benefits: Why you should have a Dash Cam!

Added: 02 July 2019

Dash cam's are becoming extremely popular in the motoring world. One of the main reasons they are so popular is because they capture important evidence whilst on the road.

Nextbase Dash Cam's allow drivers to record their car journeys, giving them instant and accurate recordings if they are involved in a road incident. This footage is extremely useful to authorities and insurance companies, who are able to make decisions based on the footage provided.


What's more, some insurers offer motorists lower premiums if a Dash Cam is installed. There are many Insurance benefits when installing a dash cam to your vehicle;


1. Split Liability Claims

On average, in 39% of all split and fault claims, a non-fault outcome would have concluded if Dash Cam video evidence had been present.


2. Efficiency of Claim

Claim handling and process time is cut by up to 50% when supported by Dash Cam footage.


3. Organised Fraud

Video evidence from a Dash Cam is the only real way to determine whether an incident is legitimate, or set up. The annual cost of Crash for Crash is £392 million, and is reported these scams add £50 on average to everyone's policy (Insurance Fraud Bureau).


4. Safe Drivers

Dash Cam policy holders are 33% safer drivers - according to their telematics score. (Dash Cam fitted into telematics holders cars with readings taken pre and post dash cam inclusion).


5. Personal Injury

With Nextbase Dash Cams, they provide respected data suites of evidence to help disprove whiplash claims. The data set includes speed and direction. Did you know... Over the last 12 months, there were 55,573 personal injury claims linked to scams in the UK, costing the insurance industry £340 million?


6. 3rd Part Exaggerated Claims

Dash Cam footage can assist in the assessing of damage to a vehicle. The footage can also be used to certify claims of the amount of passengers and the driver them selves present at the time of an incident.


7. Untraceable 'hit and runs''

Video evidence from your Nextbase Dash Cam will be able to provide you key details of your hit and run, such as, vehicle registration and model.


At White Dove ŠKODA, we have the latest Nextbase Dash Cam's, designed for your safety on the road. We have the below Dash Cam's available at White Dove ŠKODA Cardiff: 




The Nextbase 222 Dash Cam is £80.00. 

The Nextbase 322GW Dash Cam is £110.00.

The Nextbase 422GW Dash Cam is £145.00. 

The Nextbase 522GW Dash Cam is £165.00. 


In addition to our Nextbase Front-Facing Cameras, we're also offering a Fleet-Based Dash Cam, the Nextbase 380GW. This camera has a lens with a 90-degree vertical adjustment, making it suitable for commercial cars, vans, and trucks with flat screens. This camera is not available to purcahse on the High Street. 

Interested in any of our Dash Cams'? Enquire now