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Where Can I Buy An Ex Demo ŠKODA Kodiaq?

Added: 23 August 2017

Ex demonstrators cars are becoming a way for the savvy car buyer to save thousands of pounds when buying a brand new ŠKODA Kodiaq. If you don't already know, although I expect you do, an ex demo car is basically a display model from the showroom that has been put up for sale. Usually these cars will sit in the showroom and never move, in some cases ex demo cars may be driven by staff or used for test drives. Because of this ex demo ŠKODA Kodiaq's are sold at a huge discount.

ex demo skoda kodiaq.jpg


Do you have any ex demo ŠKODA Kodiaq's in stock?

Yes, we have around 5 ex demo ŠKODA Kodiaq's in our showroom at the time of this article. Kodiaq ex demo models range from the Kodiaq SE, the Kodiaq SE L, the Kodiaq Edition and the Kodiaq Edition 4X4.


How much can I save by buying an ex demo ŠKODA Kodiaq?

You can save thousands of pounds off the ŠKODA Kodiaq's RRP. The biggest saving we currently have is £4,125 which is a significant saving off the Kodiaq's cost new price. This is based on a ŠKODA Kodiaq 2.0 TDI (190PS) 4X4 Edition (7 Seats) DSG.


What are the benefits of buying an ex demo ŠKODA Kodiaq?

Ex demonstrator cars will be in the best possible condition and will have no visual faults, this is due to the car often being kept inside the showroom and being used minimally. The mileage will be very low on an ex demo ŠKODA Kodiaq, usually less than 500 miles on the clock. 


What specification will an ex demo ŠKODA Kodiaq have?

The specification will be very high due to the cars being used to demonstrate the latest technology to potential customers. Often you will find a variety of paid for optional extras and upgrades that you won't find on a standard model ŠKODA Kodiaq.


How many previous owners will an ex demo ŠKODA Kodiaq have?

None, unlike a used car, an ex demonstrator won't have had any previous owners apart the dealership, meaning the ŠKODA Kodiaq will be in a brand new condition.


Can I buy an ex demo ŠKODA Kodiaq in my own paint colour choice?

No, we have ex demo ŠKODA Kodiaq's in a variety of colours, these are often the mainstream colours buyers purchase like business grey, moon white, brilliant silver, petrol blue and black magic.


Can I test drive an ex demo ŠKODA Kodiaq?

Yes, you can take a test drive of any of our ex demonstrator ŠKODA Kodiaq's at our Cardiff ŠKODA showroom located on Hadfield Road.


Please note - All quoted savings are correct at the time of writing this article.

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