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25 Ideas to Keep the Kids Entertained During the Coronavirus Crisis

Added: 26 March 2020

As the Coronvavirus Pandemic continues to spread, many people are finding it hard to keep their children entertained whilst isolating.

We've put together a list of ideas to keep the kids entertained during these uncertain times. Whether you're working from home, or are a stay-at-home parent, there ideas will keep the whole family entertained.


Things to Do With Kids During Coronavirus Quarantine and Self Isolation


1. Set up a treasure hunt

Treasure hunts are pretty easy, and could last a while. Hide items around your house and garden, and set a challenge to find them. Maybe incentivise with a prize for the person who finds the most?


2. At home bingo

Whilst the kids are off School, this is the perfect way to get them thinking about numbers! Home-schooling and entertainment in one? Perfect!


3. Baking

Ready. Set. Bake! Cookies, Brownies, Cakes... anything! Baking is a great way to involve all of the family. It's also a great way to teach the children how to measure ingredients.


4. Indoor picnic

Grab your picnic blanket, and whatever food you've got and enjoy a living room picnic. You can even play eye-spy, or set a challenge for the best made Sandwich.


5. Train the Dog

Do you have a family pet? If they don't know how to sit, or stay... start there. Already mastered those tricks, try some more complex ones... like roll over!


6. Keep to a schedule

Whilst we're all off, it may seem like every day fades into one! Your children are used to a school routine, so try and stick to it as much as possible to keep them learning. Here's a great website for English, Maths, and History! Click here for BBC Bitesize.


7. Check out planet Mars

Explore the surface of Mars with its 360 Camera!


8. Make a sensory bin

Fill a plant pot, bin, bag... with anything and everything! Get the children to close their eyes, and guess what each item is one by one. You'll have them entertained for hours! It also gets them thinking, and will teach them to learn new things!


9. Writing a letter

As the Schools are shut, now is a great time to keep your children learning. Why not get them to write a letter, to whoever it may be about whatever they'd like?


10. FaceTime family members

With the Government advising to only go out for necessities, you may find it hard not seeing your family members are frequent as you may. With FaceTime, you can call your loved ones and speak for hours!


11. Make play dough

Again, this is a great exercise for your children to learn how to make things! Need a recipe? Click here. All you need are bags, flour, salt, cream of tartar, water, vegetable oil, and food colouring.


12. Make a cleaning rota

With everyone off, the house is going to get messier a lot faster. Make a cleaning rota, and make it fun! Play some music, incentivise with sweet treats once the job is done.


13. Play cards

Card games are extremely fun and involve all the family.

We recommend: Rummy, War, Go Fish, Solitaire, Uno, 7, 21, Snap!


14. Board Games

Get out the dusty Monopoly that's been sitting in your cupboard.


15. Go for a walk

The fresh air is vital and is a great way to relieve stress, especially when being in doors all day everyday. Just make sure you're keeping your 2m distance, and are not going to over-crowded places.


16. Make some delicious Pizza

It's all you can eat night. Whatever you have laying around the house, that's what's going on your homemade pizza!


17. Create an animal fact sheet

Have your child pick an animal, and get them to write down all the facts they know about their chosen animal. Then, do some research... are their anythings that you can add? Great - teach them, and get your child to write these newly learned facts on their fact sheet.


18. Explore Africa with African wildlife cam

Learn more about the wildlife in Africa by looking at the African Wildlife cam.


19. Play podcasts

There are lots of child-friendly podcasts on the internet, which are completely free!


20. Watch Bill Nye the Science Guy

You can even do an experiment with him!


21. Try origami

Learn how to make dozens of origamis: dinosaurs, swans, frogs and much more!


22. Do an at-home dance class

Dance like no one's watching. This is a great form of PE for your children, when they're not able to do it at School.


23. BrainPop

BrainPop is an educational tool that provides lesson plans for a range of subjects!


24. Do you Yoga

This is for all ages! A good way to de-stress and relax.


25. Sign up for Disney+

Disney + is a platform that, for £5.99 per month, allows you to stream all Disney films and programmes! A great way to keep all of the family entertained.

Find out more about Disney+ here.


White Dove Motor Group wish you and your family well during these unprecedented times.

We look forward to serving our customers very shortly.